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We had our first play of Buffy the Vampire Slayer last night. As it was only a single play, this is merely my initial reaction to the game and I will wait until I get a few more plays in before forming a full opinion.


The Short version is I like it, but don’t love it. It has a decent amount of things for the fans and the uninitiated alike. However, I would say if you actively dislike the show, then this may be avoid this title as there probably isn’t enough of a game to get you past the theme.


I can see why people are calling it Eldritch Horror light as there are some strong similarities. A The board image taken from the rule bookfully co-op game in which you take on one of the well known larger foes. The board is made up of locations, familiar to those who know the Buffyverse, where you move to in order to fight lesser bad guys (demons and vampires) and mid-range Monsters of the week. If you don’t do that well enough then the corpses of their victims or your injuries get added to the Apocalypse track at the bottom of the board – potentially causing you to lose the game. Once you’ve fought off 3 of the Monsters of the week and ‘solved’ the clues they leave behind, then the Big Bad reveals itself. Those familiar with Eldritch Horror may have already transposed the words Elder God, Doom Track, Cultists, etc.


First thoughts on UK Games Expo 2016 day 1

The first time I attended UK Games Expo (UKGE) I didn’t really know what to expect. I had visions of an E3 type affair with excited publishers on stage, whipping up hype for their upcoming games. Maybe a tonne of bargain priced games or exclusive promos.

This was not, and is not, the case, but was I disappointed with what I did find? … No. UKGE, for me is a chance to spend time with friends, to try out games before you buy and generally have fun. Yes you’ll be largely paying online prices for stuff, but you’re not paying postage fees and I guarantee you’ll see something  you won’t have stumbled across otherwise. Plus, there are bargains to be had.

Each year, like a much loved terrapin (probably named after a TMNT member), the UKGE has to grown to fit whatever space is given to it and is all the stronger for it. Even the vast hotel could no longer contain it. So this year, it’s 10th anniversary year, it has had another step change and moved into the humongous NEC 1. The trade hall is massively bigger… but is it better?…

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Carcassonne news from UK Games Expo

It’s the last day of the UK Games Expo 2015 here at the Birmingham Metropole and I have just walked out of a seminar in the success of Carcassonne.

I hoping to share photos with you. However, as there were prototypes on display it was forbidden.
I can tell that there are 3 stand alone Carcassonne games due to be released this year. The largest of which. is Star Wars!

Disney control much of the look feel of the game, but Klaus-Jurgen had complete control of the rules. It’s the familiar tile laying placement of Carcassonne only with dice based battles along flight paths (roads) and planets. Will it retain the iconic meeple piece or have a trademarked ship/token? We’ll have to wait and see!

The second game shown has a working title of ‘across country’ and is aimed at family market. The background is countryside and you build fields instead of cities. Each field can grow a crop and you get bonus points for growing all five types. Also there is a new mechanic where meeples move along roads as you build them.

The third one shown was the ONLY prototype in existence as it was hands drawn by the designer himself. Amazonas starts with one large river tile and you place tiles to extend it, build villages along side, form tributary rivers and move boats around docks.

It’s great that there are still fresh ideas in the Carcassonne family as it celebrates 15 years next year. The audience was very keen to have Germany’s famous ‘Carcassonne on tour’ at the expo next year when it upscales to be in the NEC. It may well come to pass!

Watch this space as this Carcassonne fan-boy will be sure to tell you!

Ticket to Wonders?

In a move which surprised many, Asmodee announced last week that, although referring to it as a merger, they have essentially bought out Days of Wonder (DoW).

asmodee logo2So should we be worried about this conglomerate reducing the gaming diversity? Almost certainly not. Asmodee, the publishers, are actually a part of the Asmodee group – who are also game distributors and have had a relationship with DoW’ since its inception in 2002. It’s hoped that the acquisition will strengthen this partnership rather than absorb it. Essentially Asmodee will benefit from the US market which DoW enjoys.



DoW logoShould we be concerned about our beloved titles being discontinued or, at least not being supported with expansions or later editions? Again almost certainly not. It is the stated intention of the group to maintain the two separate publishing and development houses but merely operate under the single umbrella. DoW have several strong titles – Ticket to Ride, Small World and Memoir 44 to name 3 titles spawning a series of games. This is part of what made DoW a desirable acquisition and there would be no logical reason to not capitalise on this investment.


small world 2 appIf they needed yet another selling point then DoW has been leading the way in the digital realm. Once again their flagship Ticket to Ride performs extremely well as a board game app and is frequently in the top-lists. Furthermore the Kickstarter campaign for the Small World 2 app more than doubled its target funding and went on to produce an excellent product which also has strong sales and supports and active community of players. It’s no wonder that Mark Kaufmann, one of the two DoW founders is quoted as saying “As they [Asmodee] expand into the digital realm, they feel that our digital design team will be a key asset.”


7 wondersGenerally the feeling is very positive regarding this merger with the only area for concern being that the DoW founders Kaufmann and Hautemont will only stay with DoW for an unspecified transition period. Whilst the company was built on their ethos of providing family friendly gaming of a premium quality at a reasonable price, once again there is no reason to think this should change. Asmodee have a track record in providing much the same thing with titles like 7 Wonders and Dixit, just with a stronger European foothold.


It is more than likely that we consumers will notice very little change, if any at all.

Zombie 15 a 90 second review

John races through, tripping and stumbling along the way in an adrenaline filled panic… and that’s merely his review. Imagine how bad it would be if he actually was one of the characters in the new release from iello games – Zombie 15′

Zombie 15′ is actually the Kickstarter campaign I wrote this soapbox piece about. As you can tell by the fact that I already have my copy, I did change my mind and indeed backed the project.

Zombie 15 plastic figures
Teens face The Horde

Zombie 15′ takes the best elements of co-operative play and of real-time gaming and smooshes them together very effectively. It avoids usual dominant player problem which most co-ops suffer, simply by not providing time to discuss it. Even so, you can’t just play your own game and hope for the best. Our failed attempts so far were purely because someone is left on a tile alone (getting greedy whilst searching) and the Horde showed up. Almost every play has led to loud laughter and each of us frantically impelling the others to make a damn choice! With surging adrenalin the pay-offs are invigorating and the failures are inspiring. Continue reading Zombie 15 a 90 second review

Soapbox: Kickstarter Exclusives

Are Kickstarter campaigns with one-shot exclusives creating a two-tier gaming community? Those who have the regular games and the “Kickstarter elite” who can afford both the time and the money that the higher tiers require? Is this even a problem? Our very own John shares his views:

What follows are my reflections on my changing opinion as a direct result of interacting with some of our followers on Facebook.

On the FATB Facebook page I expressed minor disappointment with a Kickstarter campaign by an established publisher. It related to a fully developed game which would be published regardless of crowd funding and no content was exclusive to Kickstarter. Essentially the campaign was a way of ensuring pre-orders and recouping development costs as quickly as possible. I expressed that whilst I didn’t think this was ‘wrong’, it wasn’t in the spirit of Kickstarter.

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King of Tokyo Halloween – 90 Second review

John makes a really simple Halloween snack and reviews King Of Tokyo Halloween.

This was intended to be uploaded for Halloween, but I’m not only famous for being hated by dice, but also for being late!

I’ve decided to add in some random additional content before the reviews. In this instalment I show you how to make the ridiculously simply Mummy Fingers using hot dog sausages. Then we dive right into the 90 second review for the King of Tokyo Halloween collectors pack.

These snacks are delicious at any time and I hope the reviews are usually satisfying.

Let us know what you think

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