Play with us

Fun Across The Board (FAT-B) are proud to be in partnership with The Nottingham Social Activities Group (UK). We hosted Nottingham’s highest attended regular board games night with no admission or hidden charges.

Currently we are no running Game Nights. However, they may be making their long anticipated return soon.

The evenings officially started at 7:30 pm and we kept on playing until they close. Please check the Meetup group’s calendar for details of the next event and visit the sign-up page for each event.
FATB provides a substantial library of games which aims to cater for all tastes and experience levels. We always ensure that someone is on-hand to help set-up and explain the games as well as being available to give advice and guidance throughout.

We tend to play party games and short games. This is very much a social group who are playing games and we try to avoid 2-player games as a general rule.

Participants are very welcome to bring games along as well.

The nights have a fantastic friendly atmosphere and we aim to please. We regularly get excellent feedback from experienced players and complete novices alike.

It is completely free to join and play, so why not give it a try? Just look for ‘Games Night’ on the Nottingham Social Group’s Calendar on

Please be aware that although the venue is excellent in many respects – Service, resources and products, it is not very accessible. There are steps up into the building and then two flights of stairs to the room.

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