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Splendor Expansion details released prior to GenCon

I intended to write a post about how much I enjoy getting a sneak peek of upcoming releases at the UK Games Expo and how one of this year’s highlight was a chance to see the Splendor Expansion modules ahead of their release at Gen Con. However, Asmodee have released some of the details on their website yesterday for all to enjoy, in this news page

What I can tell you is the expansion includes 4 very different modules. It’s recommended that you only add one module at a time when playing as they each change the game play substantially.

Although I was only able to witness the Orient version first hand. I did get to read the rules and examine the components for each of the modules. I have to say, I’m impressed. Although some elements seem to be added in for the sake of it (coconuts that permanently mimic the gem you associate them with?!?) many are well thought out and add very interesting new styles of play. Some add in powers of conversion to assist your engine building, there are more ‘screw you’ mechanics like blocking a card with a Stronghold so only you can buy it, being allowed to reserve a Nobel for the first time or even stealing cards and others change the whole object of the game (replace Nobels with Cities and the first city built triggers the end game).

Mostly what I’m impressed with is the fact that the modules add an extra depth to the game, the complexity creep is minimal and, most importantly, it retains the feeling of playing Splendor.


If you didn’t like it before these modules are not likely to change your mind (although they may sway a few). However, if you do already like it, I think you’re going to welcome these additions. Especially as they allow you to tailor your game to suit more favoured styles of play – either because you want to explore new strategies or because your gaming group prefers games that have ‘….’. Whatever the reason, this is an expansion in it’s truest sense. More of the same, but different

You can head over to the Asmodee news page to read a little more, or ask me very nicely to see the photos I took of the rule book.