Zombie 15 a 90 second review

John races through, tripping and stumbling along the way in an adrenaline filled panic… and that’s merely his review. Imagine how bad it would be if he actually was one of the characters in the new release from iello games – Zombie 15′

Zombie 15′ is actually the Kickstarter campaign I wrote this soapbox piece about. As you can tell by the fact that I already have my copy, I did change my mind and indeed backed the project.

Zombie 15 plastic figures

Teens face The Horde

Zombie 15′ takes the best elements of co-operative play and of real-time gaming and smooshes them together very effectively. It avoids usual dominant player problem which most co-ops suffer, simply by not providing time to discuss it. Even so, you can’t just play your own game and hope for the best. Our failed attempts so far were purely because someone is left on a tile alone (getting greedy whilst searching) and the Horde showed up. Almost every play has led to loud laughter and each of us frantically impelling the others to make a damn choice! With surging adrenalin the pay-offs are invigorating and the failures are inspiring. - Read More -

Kickstarters Anonymous

Welcome to our first meeting everyone. This is a safe place. A place to talk about our Kickstarter addiction.

We’ve all been there; you back a project, and then feverishly check your emails for those beautiful project updates. Stretch goals! Free stuff! It’s a wonderful time. But then the delays come. ‘Manufacturing problems’, ‘delayed shipping’, ‘my business partner stole all my money’ (seriously, this happened on a project I backed).

So let’s share some gaming projects! Projects we’ve backed, projects we love, projects that have let us down in spectacular ways. I’ll begin with some I’m backing at the moment.

Compounded: Geiger Expansion


This is a game I’ve had my eye on for a while. You work as a scientist and score points by building chemical compounds before your opponents. The score track is the periodic table! The Kickstarter is to fund the expansion, which introduces radioactive elements. These score more points than ordinary ones, but build up too much radioactivity and you’ll suffer.

I missed the base game kickstarter, so being able to get it as part of this project made this a no-brainer for me. It’s currently working towards a stretch goal to include methamphetamine in the available compounds. Although I’m not sure why they think people would be interested in cooking meth…

Dungeon Saga


I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Mantic games. They’re a local (Nottingham-based) miniatures company, who make some brilliant games. I’ve backed all their projects so far, but I’ve actually played very little. Plus they make miniatures games, and I’m generally incompetent at gluing, modelling and painting.

Despite all that, I’ve still back this because it looks AWESOME! It’s a dungeon crawl (a lot like Descent) with a whole bunch of miniatures and ‘advanced’ rules for turning it into a hybrid board/roleplaying game.

Asylum Playing Cards


This is an example of the dark side of Kickstarter projects. To understand this project, the easiest thing would be to click the link above, and go to ‘comments’. See all those angry people? They backed this project about two years ago. So did I.

The guy who created the project is currently being sued for failing to deliver the rewards. The last project update was a year ago. We’re never getting what we paid for, and that’s a real shame. It’s also cases like this that remind you that Kickstarter is not a shopping website, and when things go wrong, there’s very little you can do.

So that’s my Kickstarter hope and horror. Use the comments below to share your experiences, and any projects that have got you excited recently. We can get through this together.

Fox and Chicken – Jona’s Bargain Basement Review

We return to Jona’s Bargain Basement to be shown the cracking game of cunning that is Fox and Chicken

It’s quiet down there, all too quiet is something hiding down there? Should you be afraid of it, or should it fear you? Will you crack under the pressure or slyly have a tasty meal?

Jona’s Bargain Basement is here to discuss games which may appeal to the budget conscious among us or those who just love a bargain.

So pull up a crate, camping chair or over-turn a bucket and prepare to learn about Fox and Chicken

TSCHAK! – Jona’s Bargain Basement Review

Jona’s Bargain Basement opens it’s doors for the first time and takes a look at the Swiss monster fighting card game with an interesting mechanic that is TSCHAK!

The door creaks open, the light plinks into life and dank steps stretch out before you. Strange sounds are emanating from the room below, hushed tones and shuffling noises… wait, did you just hear a monster? Well yes, you did and if you can summon the courage to venture down there Jona will tell you all about them!

Jona’s Bargain Basement is here to discuss games which may appeal to the budget conscious among us or those who just love a bargain.

So pull up a crate, camping chair or over-turn a bucket and prepare to learn about TSCHAK!

Soapbox: Kickstarter Exclusives

Are Kickstarter campaigns with one-shot exclusives creating a two-tier gaming community? Those who have the regular games and the “Kickstarter elite” who can afford both the time and the money that the higher tiers require? Is this even a problem? Our very own John shares his views:

What follows are my reflections on my changing opinion as a direct result of interacting with some of our followers on Facebook.

On the FATB Facebook page I expressed minor disappointment with a Kickstarter campaign by an established publisher. It related to a fully developed game which would be published regardless of crowd funding and no content was exclusive to Kickstarter. Essentially the campaign was a way of ensuring pre-orders and recouping development costs as quickly as possible. I expressed that whilst I didn’t think this was ‘wrong’, it wasn’t in the spirit of Kickstarter.

- Read More -

King of Tokyo Halloween – 90 Second review

John makes a really simple Halloween snack and reviews King Of Tokyo Halloween.

This was intended to be uploaded for Halloween, but I’m not only famous for being hated by dice, but also for being late!

I’ve decided to add in some random additional content before the reviews. In this instalment I show you how to make the ridiculously simply Mummy Fingers using hot dog sausages. Then we dive right into the 90 second review for the King of Tokyo Halloween collectors pack.

These snacks are delicious at any time and I hope the reviews are usually satisfying.

Let us know what you think

Click here for the original King of Tokyo 90 Second review


First Impressions: Doom

Well that was a fun evening. Only part way through our first campaign of Doom and I am really enjoying myself. Three (totally badass) marines vs the (frankly hideous) Invaders and until the last round we appeared to be surviving quite well. This, despite the fact that at one point Clichegoth somehow managed to expend his ammo without actually firing his gun! (Poor guy – the dice really do hate him).

- Read More -

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