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First Impressions: Doom

Well that was a fun evening. Only part way through our first campaign of Doom and I am really enjoying myself. Three (totally badass) marines vs the (frankly hideous) Invaders and until the last round we appeared to be surviving quite well. This, despite the fact that at one point Clichegoth somehow managed to expend his ammo without actually firing his gun! (Poor guy – the dice really do hate him).

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First Impressions: Bioshock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia

Ok, so we finally got to play Bioshock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia and it was….ok, I guess. Our first play through was a little rushed and muddled (as is often the case with new games), but it didn’t leave me with a burning desire to return to it.

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Mystery Express


Designed by Antoine Bauza (the same genius who bought us 7 Wonders and Ghost Stories), Mystery Express is essentially a grown-up version of Cluedo. You better start sharpening your sleuthing skills though because this game is hard. Very hard.

Oh I do love a good mystery. It’s actually quite common to see me running around town in a deerstalker, thwarting ne’er do wells in their evil schemes and thrilling all and sundry with the might and glory of my mystery-solving brain. Or, at least it would be if that pesky restraining order wasn’t in place. Some people have no sense of justice *sigh* Lucky for me then, that I have found a new outlet for my canny mind – Mystery Express.

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Bohnanza Review

F.A.T.B. gets knee deep in bean farming in this surprisingly strategic card game from Rio Grande. Does the gameplay come up trumps? Read on to find out…

We all know the rhyme – beans, beans the musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot. Thankfully however, this a game about bean farming, not bean farting. Probably for the best really considering Bohnanza features a variety of beans that players must plant, grow and harvest in a race against the deck to earn the most cash from their smooth bartering and canny bean planting.

Bohnanza is a competitive farming game with each player assuming the role of a bean farmer. Gameplay consists of planting/selling beans, visiting the market  and trading with other players to try and offload unwanted goods. This may sound like a typical trade game, but Bohnanza offers a surprising amount of strategy thanks to a brilliant and simple game mechanic that you just don’t see very often. Lets take a quick look at the gameplay. Continue reading Bohnanza Review