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TSCHAK! – Jona’s Bargain Basement Review

Jona’s Bargain Basement opens it’s doors for the first time and takes a look at the Swiss monster fighting card game with an interesting mechanic that is TSCHAK!

The door creaks open, the light plinks into life and dank steps stretch out before you. Strange sounds are emanating from the room below, hushed tones and shuffling noises… wait, did you just hear a monster? Well yes, you did and if you can summon the courage to venture down there Jona will tell you all about them!

Jona’s Bargain Basement is here to discuss games which may appeal to the budget conscious among us or those who just love a bargain.

So pull up a crate, camping chair or over-turn a bucket and prepare to learn about TSCHAK!

2 thoughts on “TSCHAK! – Jona’s Bargain Basement Review”

  1. Great review – though I suppose I don’t need to mention the resolution of the video was too low so I could barely make out any of the cards?

    Looking forward to the next one,


    1. Hi Rich,
      I’m glad you liked the review! It’s a fine line in getting the low budget aesthetic and yet still making the video usable. However, for the next review onwards Jona has increased the lighting in his bargain basement which has improved the image quality immensely. I will also be uploading it with a much higher resolution. I think the end result will be really good.
      Thanks for the feedback, as always it’s great to hear from you.


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